Pastor Joe Peterson


In 1997 my wife Cathy and I founded Christ Church of Palm Harbor.  It has developed into a vibrant and spiritual Church where people’s mind, body, and spirit are being healed.  We have traveled the World as evangelists for 33 years bringing the message of Salvation to multiple nations through church and camp meetings, conventions, and crusades. In 2012 my beloved wife went Home to be with the Lord. Her legacy of ministry lives on here at Christ Church and in our congregation. 

                                                                                                                        It has always been my belief that going to church should be a great experience. God's house should be a place where you can be loved, accepted, and a part of something much bigger than the confines of a building.

We at Christ Church believe that going to church reaches beyond a traditional or a ritual, but rather should be an enriching time for the entire family. As we explore the riches of God's Word we will attempt to make the Bible relevant to where you live and to the struggles we all face in the millennium.
                               -Joe Peterson, Pastor

Christ Church of Palm Harbor

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Pastor Salvatore and Elsa Fierro

The Lord called me in 1965, after an intense biblical training In 1968 we start a new mission church and from there we lunged out to two more new missions. I was a Pastor until 1984, when we moved to Florida and took care of two Italian groups and started a radio program, "Voice of Faith". Later I hosted a TV ministry in English and Italian; called "Practical Christianity" I am currently the Bible Study Teacher on Wednesday Nights here at Christ Church.

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