Life Principles


Christ Church of Palm Harbor        1111 Indiana Avenue       Palm Harbor, FL 34683        727-784-5829

  1. 1.To conduct ourselves in all matters of financial, moral and spiritual integrity that the name of Christ not be reproached on our account, and by reason of our desire for balance in the Word and doctrine inviting one's spiritual commitment and submission to God.

  2. 2.To sustain an individual and corporate ministry of prayer consistent with the conviction that the Scriptures reveal; "...All things are possible to him that believes;". our intercession is committed to the overthrowing of all hell's powers which dominate many of the affairs of mankind personally, domestically, nationally and internationally.

  3. 3.To breed a spiritual generation whose understanding of Scripture cultivates a life which rejects the philosophy of diluting the sacred and condoning the secular, affirming that each of us are called to be righteous through Christ, to live in the light of Jesus and infiltrate every circle of human enterprise in which we move.

                                                                                                                                                        We have no printed "Order of Worship" or prescribed ritual to follow. Our worship is informal and spontaneous, based on the pattern of the Word of God.
Please worship in a way that is meaningful and natural for you. We believe that expressing praise to God is most importantly a genuine response of gratitude that comes from the heart.

Principles that Will Guide our Lives: